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Standardizing EC Quarterly Reports 2020

The HUD Office of Innovation and HUD Office of Field Policy and Management worked collaboratively during the 2020 year to improve the way EnVision Centers were reporting statistics pertaining to services received by EnVision Center participants. We did this by:

  1. Establishing a “Become an EnVision Center” tab on the EC website.
  2. Establishing specific dates for Quarterly Report Submission
  3. Developing an instructional guide on how to submit quarterly reports. Click here to download the instruction guide.


Key Team Members comprise of HUD personnel.

From the Office of Field Policy and Management
Rommel Calderwood, Isaac Newbury, and Jill Yu

From the Office of Innovation
Mitch Margeson, Larry Ouzts and Victoria Masih

Office of Innovation — Chris Bourne

This collaboration resulted in a streamline and efficient way of reporting quarterly reports on the EnVision Center website.